Product team collaboration

Autoblocks is designed to be a collaborative workspace.

Product Engineers, ML engineers, product managers, designers, and other non technical stakeholders can work together to evaluate and improve their AI products.

Prompt management collaboration

Autoblocks understands the importance of prompts in an effective AI system. The platform simplifies collaborative workflows for managing and versioning AI prompts. Collaborate effortlessly on prompts using our intuitive UI and guarantee reliability through our prompt SDK.

Learn more about the prompts SDK

Sharing test results

After running tests, you can effortlessly share the results with other team members and stakeholders using the testing UI. This enables teams to collectively comprehend the reasons behind specific test outcomes and steer development efforts in the right direction.

Learn more about the test run comparison UI

Shared views

Generate views on the explore page and make them instantly accessible to your entire team. These views can be accessed individually or consolidated into a dashboard.

Once you discover a trace or event that you want to share, you can easily do so by directly sending the link to a team member. This is helpful for collaborative debugging.

Learn more about debugging LLM requests