What is Autoblocks?

Autoblocks enables teams to continuously improve their scaling AI-powered products with speed and confidence.

Product teams at companies of all sizes—from seed-stage startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises—use Autoblocks to guide their AI development efforts.

The Autoblocks platform revolves around outcomes-oriented development. It marries product analytics with testing to help teams laser-focus their resources on making product changes that improve KPIs that matter.

Testing and evaluation

Build conviction that the changes you’re making will drive better user outcomes.

  • Compare how prompt variations perform against test cases
  • Refresh test case datasets based on real user inputs observed in production
  • Write custom evaluators and tests to augment human review
  • Rapidly test prompt and RAG pipeline changes in a CLI
  • Use the same evaluators between local testing and production

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AI Product Analytics

Proactively uncover opportunities for improvement.

  • Run A/B tests for different prompts and configurations in production
  • Derive insights from unstructured user inputs and feedback
  • Understand correlations between AI product parameters (prompt, context, model) and user outcomes (conversions, acceptance rates, click-through rates)
  • Configure real-time dashboards to track user outcomes

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Quickly identify & debug issues.

  • Identify production bugs and quality regressions using online evaluations
  • Debug and visualize complex LLM chains and agents using trace trees
  • Use filters and search to pinpoint specific user interactions
  • Configure real-time dashboards to track relevant metrics such as latency and token usage

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