Evaluators allow you to describe with natural language a criteria that you want your event properties to meet.

Create an evaluator

On the evaluators page, click the "Create Evaluator" button. This will take you to a form with the following fields:


The name of your evaluator. This will be used to identify your evaluator in the UI.


The main part of an evaluator is the requirement. For example, if you want to ensure a certain property always has a professional tone, you would create an evaluator with a requirement like:

The text must have a professional tone. It shouldn't contain any slang, profanity, or emojis.

Positive Label

An event will receive this label if it meets the requirement.

Negative Label

An event will receive this label if it does not meet the requirement.

Create an evaluator from the events table

While viewing a property in the events table, you can click on the "add evaluator for property" shortcut to take you to the evaluator creation form with that event's message and property pre-filled.

Run evaluators against replays

All evaluators run against both production events and replayed events automatically.