Dashboards let you visualize your most important data & metrics in a consolidated page.

Setting up a dashboard

In Autoblocks, dashboard charts reference Views.

To create a dashboard chart, first create a View containing the chart you need. You can do this by setting up a View on the explore page to capture the specific slice of data you're interested in.

Then, in the top right corner of the dashboard page, click the plus icon and select a specific View to add to the dashboard.

Move and resize charts

To move a chart, drag the four club-spoked arrow icon (✥) on the top right of a chart.

To resize a chart, drag the arrow on the bottom-right of a chart.

Delete a chart

To delete a chart, click the trash icon on the top right of the dashboard page. This will toggle 'Delete Mode'. Once Delete Mode is on, a trash icon will appear on the top right of each chart on the dashboard. Click the trash icon to delete a specific chart.

Once you're done deleting charts, click the trash icon again to disable Delete Mode.

Add multiple dashboards

You can create multiple dashboards in Autoblocks. Click on the dashboard title to see a dropdown of all dashboards you've already created. At the bottom of the list, click 'Create New' to add a new dashboard to the list.