Autoblocks Views are customized perspectives or subsets of event data that users define and interact with. They provide a tailored presentation of data based on specific criteria such as filters.

Each View contains a chart, which allows users to focus on specific aspects of the data, analyze trends, and gain insights relevant to their objectives.

Setting up a view

A View is essentially a saved set of configurations on the Explore page. To configure a new View, change any parameter on the Explore page (e.g., date range, search query, filters, etc.). Then, hit the Save button on the top right of the Explore page and give your View a name. You can also choose whether or not this View appears in your sidebar. This is useful for when you're creating a View to add a new chart to Dashboards, but not interested in having the View exist in the sidebar.

Customizing the View chart

Each View contains a chart. The chart, by default, is a histogram of events in that particular View.

By default, the 'Group by trace' toggle is switched on. This setting groups events with a shared traceId together. By toggling this setting off, events in the View will be ungrouped by traceId.

To customize the chart, click the Chart Options button on the top left of the page. A side panel will appear that allows you to further configure the chart. Some options for configuration include:

  • Chart type
  • Granularity
  • Breakdown by
  • Etc.

Edit a view

To edit a View, simply select the view in the sidebar and make modifications directly on the Explore page. Hit the Save button on the top-right of the page and select update view.

Adding a View chart to a Dashboard

You can add a View chart to a dashboard from the dashboard page. Read more about the dashboard page here.

See all views

To see all of your Views, including those that do not appear in your sidebar, visit the Views section on the Settings page.

Renaming or deleting a view

You can rename or delete a View by visiting the Settings page. You can also toggle whether or not the view appears on your sidebar.

You will find all active Views in the Views section. Click Edit to rename the View or to toggle whether it appears in your sidebar.

Click Delete to delete the view.